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Product : Inductive Proximity Sensor
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Product : Compact Speed Monitor
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Product : Inductive Proximity Sensor
Brand : IFM
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Product : Inductive Sensor
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About ifm
Incorporated in 1969 ifm manufacturers of sensors, controllers and systems for industrial automation worldwide. ifm's exceptionally large product portfolio does not only cover all relevant standard solutions but also the special requirements of individual industries. In addition to position and process sensors, sensors for motion control and safety technology are part of the product range. Furthermore ifm offers products for industrial imaging and communication as well as identification systems and systems for mobile machines.

Inductive sensors
Inductive sensors are used for industrial use. As compared to mechanical switches they offer almost ideal conditions: non-contact operation free from any wear and tear, high switching frequencies and accuracy. In addition, they are insensitive to vibration, dust and moisture. Inductive sensors detect all metals without contact.
Capacitive sensors
Capacitive sensors are used for the non-contact detection of any objects. In contrast to inductive sensors, which only detect metallic objects, capacitive sensors can also detect non-metallic materials.
Applications: wood, paper, glass, plastic, food and chemical industries.
Magnetic sensors
Magnetic sensors are used for the detection of positions without contact or wear and tear in control technology. They are used where inductive proximity switches reach their limits. Since magnetic fields penetrate all non-magnetisable materials, the sensors can detect magnets through walls made of non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic or wood.
Cylinder sensors
Non-contact sensors virtually work without wear and often achieve a longer life than Reed switches. This saves expensive repair and downtimes.
Photoelectric sensors for general applications
Photoelectric sensors are used where safe and non-contact de-tection of the exact position of objects is required. The material of the objects to be detected is of no importance. Compared to proximity switches photoelectric sensors have a much higher sensing zone.
Laser sensors / distance measurement sensors
Laser systems are used where detection of small objects or precise positioning is required.
Due to the small angle of divergence long ranges of up to 60 metres can be achieved.
Fibre optic sensors
Fibre optics sensors are used where mounting space for photoelectric standard sensors is confined. Advantages of these systems: The evaluation electronics and the optoelectronic components are located separately from the sensing surface of the system.Fibre optic sensing heads can therefore be mounted in places where access is difficult.
Vacuum sensors
vacuum sensors meets the requirements of various industrial applications.Various output functions and housing designs adapted to the area of application ensure an optimum integration into different processes.
Flow sensors / flow meters Sensors
Sensors operating to suitable measurement methods can be used to monitor gases and liquids.
A wide range of designs adapted to applications and requirements is available. All systems are designed so that the signals such as flow and temperature can be directly transferred to the control system for further processing
Level sensors
Level measurement distinguishes between direct measurement in the medium and the indirect detection from the outside (for example through the tank wall by means of capacitive sensors).
Deposits and wear and tear often lead to failures in particular if mechanical switches are in contact with the sensors however can do without any mechanical component. This makes the sensors especially robust and reliable. Regular maintenance and cleaning are not necessary.
Temperature sensors In automation and process technology, monitoring and control of temperatures is one of the most important measuring tasks. The correct temperature often influences quality and efficiency of the process. To avoid dangerous states, the temperature must be monitored in many applications.
To do so, compact temperature switches and transmitters as well as cable and probe sensors are used that are connected to an external control monitor. In some industrial areas non-contact infrared (IR) measuring sensors are used.
AS-Interface sensors
The bus connection is already integrated in the intelligent AS-i sensors. So they can be directly connected to the yellow cable. In addition to the pure sensor information, further diagnostic data are available via the AS-interface, which can be transmitted and evaluated at a low cost.
Fieldbus components
ifm's AS-i gateways provide solutions for field buses such as Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/ IP, DeviceNet, Ethercat and CANopen. The gateways function as fieldbus slave and use AS-Interface as an intelligent feeder for the information highway.
Vibration monitoring systems
efector octavis is a simple to implement vibration monitoring system which detects vibration data and automatically determines the machine diagnosis directly on the machine. The machine condition is forwarded to the PLC or to SCADA systems. It fulfils the main requirements for modern machine monitoring: compatibility, modularity, and transferable configuration.
Compressed air Flow meters 
efector metris is used to measure the consumption of compressed air. The high measurement dynamics in conjunction with high measurement accuracy and a fast response time result in an application range from leakage detection to operational measurement of consumption. Many possibilities of supplying the values measured for current and temperature allow almost universal coupling to process or control systems.
Water Flow Meters 
Efforts to reduce water consumption presuppose knowledge of the current consumption. Measuring systems such as magnetic-inductive or ultrasound flow meters can also be used for applications in drinking water circuits due to their compact design. The use in drinking water supply is ensured by the use of approved materials. Many possibilities of supplying the values measured for current and temperature allow almost universal coupling to process or control systems.
Signal converters
The solution provider for special applications. Signal converter to adapt sensor and actuator signals to the inputs and outputs of the controller or CANopen modules.
Mounting Accessories
The correct mounting of the sensor is decisive for the machine function.
ifm electronic offers a complete range of fixing accessories for simple and safe mounting.
In addition to individual components such as angle brackets, nuts and mounting clamps, special mounting sets allow inexpensive, fast and flexible mounting solutions.
Adjustable mounting systems
ifm offers a complete component system of easy-to-use mounting sets that make the installation of sensors and reflectors easier for you. The solutions consist of a clamp fastened by only one screw that keeps the sensors safely in position and guarantees free movement in all axes. Whereas the sensor mounting elements used depend on the sensor type, the clamps can be mounted in three different ways: rod mounting, free-standing mounting and fitting onto aluminium extrusions which are common in industry.
Photoelectric Sensors Accessories
Especially for photoelectric sensors the quality of the fixing and of the accessories used is of great importance for the reliability of the complete sensor system. In addition to suitable reflectors, angle brackets, mounting sets, diaphragms and lenses, you can also find suitable fibre optics and special fixtures here.
Magnetic Sensors Accessories
In addition to the customised installation and fastening options ifm also offers various target magnets.
Pneumatic Cylinder Sensors Accessories
Tailor made accessories are available for the adaptation of the cylinder sensors to different pneumatic Cylinder & Hydraulic Cylinders.
Valves Accessories 
For cylinder switches and valve sensors ifm offers suitable mounting solutions and special accessories for fast and wear-free operation. Damping magnets and switching cams (pucks) were ideally adapted to the sensors and offer highest operational reliability.
Miscellaneous Products
Nuts, protective caps, mounting bases, label tags and other parts which can also be ordered separately.