Valves: Control

Delton Group deals and supplies control valves that are an absolute solution in many industries like military, sewerage, water reticulation, food and beverage, power, mining, oil and gas, chemical, and building and construction.
Control Valves regulates the flow or pressure of a fluid and some of the types of control valves that we deal and supply are:
• Choke Valves
• De-super-heaters
• Globe Valves
• Pressure Control Valves
• Regulators
• Severe Service Control Valves
• V-Port Control
• Electronic Control Valves
• Solenoid Control Valves
• Pump Control Valves
• Hydraulic Control Valves
• Flow Control Valves
• Altitude Control Valves
• Automatic control valves
• Automatic flow control valves
• Water Control Valves


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