Tube and Tube Fittings: Vinyl Flexible

Vinyl flexible tubes are Soft, flexible, and clear, vinyl tubing are used in variety of laboratory chemicals. Delton pneumatics vinyl flexible tubes suppliers in Chennai supplies vinyl tubes for wide segment of industries such as vinyl tubing for fuel line,vinyl tubing for drinking water,vinyl tubes for chemical laboratories.we offer different brands such as Swagelok vinyl tubes,festo tubing,smc tube fitting & many other brands.

Features • Smooth-bore, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material.
• Can be used with tube fitting and metal insert.
• Good for a variety of applications where system transparency is desired.
• Bulk tubing and end connections available for field assembly.
• Thick-wall tubing available in 1/4 and 3/8 in. sizes for vacuum-service applications

Cleaning and Packaging
vinyl tubes are cleaned in accordance with Standard Cleaning and Packaging . Each roll of tubing is coiled individually and boxed.
Vinyl Tubing and End Connections for Soft Plastic Tubing and Hose
Soft, flexible, and clear, vinyl tubes handles and wide variety of laboratory chemicals. Vinyl tubing connections allow for easy installation of soft plastic or rubber tubing. Swagelok vinyl tubing is available for working pressures up to 40 psig (2.7 bar) and temperatures up to 165°F (73°C).

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