Proximity Sensor: Conveyor

Conveyor sensors consist of a photoelectric sensor, integral cabling, a solenoid-operated air valve, and an entrenched ZPA logic, the entire sensing and control solution in it. The Conveyor Sensor system solves the problematic product damage and mishandling produced due automated sensor rollers on non-operational ZPA conveyors in storerooms and supply centres.

A number of features of this application are:

•    Components snap together without any difficulty to deliver ZPA conveyor control without the necessity to spend in a PLC-based system.
•    The exclusive body style makes it to fit accurately on a conveyor side rail.
•    The internal components that are sturdily closed in a compact encapsulated package ensure tremendous performance in high-vibration and high-shock situations.
•    The system is accurately plug and play due the in-built wiring and connectors
•    Quick setup and alignment of the system is aimed due to the visible sensing beams on polarized units.
•    High reliability and supreme conveyor system uptime due to the resilient in-built solenoid operated air valve

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