Power Tools and Pneumatic Tools: Pavement Breaker

Delton pneumatics suppliers,dealers of Pavement breaker tools in chennai.Our pavement breakers offer more power and fewer parts than many of the competitive models. These units have been specifically designed in an effort to both improve productivity, by increasing power, and cut costs by reducing parts and costly wear items.

These tools are Proven reliability and productivity makes these tools ts a favorite for bridge deck resurfacing , industrial maintenance , lightweight demolition of concrete favorite for general demolition and an economical.These pavement diggers are the most versatile breakers with unmatched product features and benefits . . . such as the power-stroke piston which delivers more power to the work surface and eliminates a costly wear item, the anvil block. Choose between the standard or vibration-reduced Flex-Handle models.

• One piece housing eliminates costly side rods and springs
• Power -stroke piston delivers more energy to the work surface and eliminates another costly wear item, the anvil block
• Built in lubricator helps assure adequate lubrication
Many interchangeable parts series helps eliminate excess inventory when carrying both models
•Two roll pins and removal of the housing plug on the top head make service access simple
• No costly side rods and springs.
• Composite valve eliminates rusting.
• Directional exhaust eliminates blow back.
• Hand serviceable shank does not require a press to service.
Backhead conforms to operator's leg.

Pistol Grip Tool / Inline Drilling tools
Thes drills are engineered for highly accurate and efficient production work in materials from aluminum and advanced composites to wood. In pistol grip and inline configurations, speeds from 250 to 18,000 rpm, and output options that include chucks and threaded spindles, Ingersoll Rand drills provide the flexibility to tackle nearly any production drilling task.

Angle Drilling tools
These angle drill comes with Angle configurations with output options that include chucks and threaded spindles provide access to tight spaces in airframes or other complex assemblies and components.

Modular Drilling tools
provides unmatched performance and flexibility for production drilling environments where hole sizes, accessibility, and drilling speeds vary from part to part or shift to shift. With six pistol motors, eight inline motors, and fifteen unique interchangeable heads, choose only the base motors you need and then swap and configure attachment heads to suit the application. Drilling speeds range from 660 to 5400 rpm. Heads are available with threaded spindles, collets, and chucks in 0, 30, 90, and 180 degree orientations.This 0.44 hp drill line also offers lube free performance and features a patented quick change technology that allows the attachment heads to be removed and connected safely, quickly, and securely with any motor in less than 3 seconds.

Tappers drilling tools
Tappers tools are proven performers for tapping precise holes up to 5/8" in a variety of materials. 
Electrode Dressers tool
Worn electrode tips produce poor welds. Replacing them can be costly and time consuming. Reconditioning them with an Ingersoll Rand electrode dresser is a convenient and economical solution that reduces downtime.

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