Power Tools and Pneumatic Tools: Nutrunners

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Air Nutrunners provide dramatic improvements in speed, size, durability, and capability.Recommended for applications where more precise torque control is required. Tool shuts off when preset torque is achieved, providing excellent repeatability and reduced air consumption. The most accurate clutch available
Automatic shut-off (or adjustable shut-off) nutrunners are designed for critical fastening applications involving plastics, composites, or metals that require precise torque control. This class of tools is recommended for hard or soft joints or for self-tapping or sheet metal screws provided tapping torque does not exceed the final torque. Automatic shut-off tools also reduce air consumption and are the most ergonomically sound of all air nutrunners.

• Torque Range: 6 to 46 Nm / 4.4 to 34 ft.-lbs.
• Speeds: 250 to 1050 RPM
• Specification tables include examples of our most popular models

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