Power Tools and Pneumatic Tools: Electric Screwdrivers

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Adjustable Shut Off Screwdrivers
The most accurate of all air screwdrivers, adjustable shut-off (or automatic shut-off) screwdrivers are designed for critical fastening applications involving plastics, composites, or metals that require precise torque control. The final fastening torque is set by adjusting the compression of a clutch spring within the front section of the tool. This class of tools is recommended for hard or soft joints or for self-tapping or sheet metal screws provided tapping torque does not exceed the final torque. Automatic shut-off tools also reduce air consumption and are the most ergonomically sound of all air screwdrivers.
Positive Jaw Screwdrivers
Designed for rugged applications where driving torque may exceed final seating torque (as in wood and self-tapping applications), positive jaw screwdrivers deliver reliable performance. Because applied torque is controlled by the operator and can be limited by regulating air line pressure, these tools are recommended for wood or sheet metal fastening or for applications in metal or plastic that don’t require precise torque control. Stall Screwdrivers
Designed for soft draw applications in wood and other materials not requiring critical torque control, stall air screwdrivers provide basic fastening capability. Applied torque is controlled by the operator and can be limited by regulating air line pressure.
Impact Screwdrivers
Designed for non-critical, high cycle rate applications where high-speed and reactionless operation are desired. The impact mechanism provides extremely fast run-down of the fastener and it uses the combined inertia effects of the motor and mechanism to deliver a high ultimate torque. These tools are frequently used in white goods, sheetmetal, furniture, and two wheeler assembly applications. Electric Screwdrivers.
Provide automatic shutoff capabilities for sensitive electronics or other low torque applications in an ergonomic, space-saving package. VersaTec Electric Screwdrivers
Sets the standards for ergonomics and operator convenience for low-torque applications. Brushless Electric Screwdrivers 
Provides shutoff accuracy and increased cycle rate capability.

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