Pneumatic: Pneumatic cylinder

PRICE : INR 26.00/-

・Intermediary bore sizes: ø45, ø56, ø67, ø85
 Air saving, Space saving
・Overall length shortened by 27 mm
・Weight reduced by up to 36% (1.56 kg→1.00 kg)
・ Air saving: Reduced by up to 29%
 Air consumption can be reduced by optimal size selection.
・Reduces labor time
 Air cushion adjustment is not required due to the non-adjustable air cushion.
・With auto switch (JMDB series: JMDB)

Product : Pneumatic cylinder
Brand : SMC
HSN : 78654
Part No : cdq21345
H*W*L: 2/4/4
Weight : 200 grams
Packaging : box
Delivery : 2 days
Freight : Extra at actuals