Pneumatic Panels's Products

Delton pneumatics 1 stop solutions for pneumatics panels, pneumatic control system .we represent world”s leading brands of pneumatic panels manufacturers in Chennai-Tamilnadu.We make sure all wiring is sized to all amp capacities. Fuse sizes and type are checked per clients requirement.we supply highest quality products on time at a reasonable cost.
We customize pneumatic control panel to meet your exact needs.we also design master control panels, single well and multiple well control panels. Pump control panels and compressor panels .we also supply high and low pressure pneumatic control panel systems. 
Panels are used in industry to house control systems in clean and safe conditions; they are usually wall mounted in close proximity to the host machinery. The unit sizes may vary to suit the particular application and a stainless steel finish is available to facilitate wash down. For security reasons some panels are lockable to prevent unauthorised access

Computer Aided Design technology is used to develop each control system in precise detail, and consultations with the customer throughout the project guarantee effective machine control solutions. Our skilled design team will offer a solution encompassing a specification drawing, bill of materials and a detailed quotation 
Safety Standards 
The layout of each panel is carefully considered to allow easy setting and maintenance of the control system. Air lines and electricity cables are incorporated using special fittings and connectors. The panels are IP rated and the systems are tested to meet safety standards. 
• Custom pneumatic control systems. 
• Stainless steel, carbon steel and copper tubing custom fitted. 
• Pipe threaded from 0.500 to 4.000 Inch ID NPT 
• AutoCad layouts and full bill of materials from schematics. 
• AutoCad schematics from concepts. 
• Material specifications for all applications.