Air Rotary Tables: Rotary Table

The application of rotary table is used in transferring, conveying, filling, feeding, or indexing of parts for the assembly operations or/and machining. The rotary table can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position.
The Rotary Table comprises of toughened and stabilized stainless steels and /or high grade steels with erosion resistant coatings. For radial and thrust planes, the Rotary Table employs a fully trapped gas bearing.
Few of many features of this application are:
•    Saves time and cost-effective in wide variety of application
•    Automatic serving of parts to tools in equipment and assembly operations
•    Components can be loaded and unloaded while machining processes continue
•    Ensures positive and precise locking position
•    Provides smooth and controlled indexing motion
•    Operates without the use of electric motors or controllers
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